“delta chi may just be the saviours of indie that, let’s face it, we’ve all been looking for.”

“Like ‘The Bends’ era Radiohead.”

“This is original indie, the same indie that Echo & The Bunnymen and The Smiths themselves defined.”

“Edge-of-the-seat, vein-pulsing and head-throbbing guitar that finds itself carved in that self, same classically defined fabric as to which old school Radiohead buckled and bruised.”

“An awesome feat that few will walk away from.”

“delta chi blend mature pop anthems with fragile, expansive epics that show staggering ambition.”

“They present soaring melodies and slightly off-kilter pop gems with the same ease as their more malevolent, sweeping efforts, blending gentle piano and heart-felt vocals with an intelligent sonic maelstrom.”

“This represents the point of entry for a band who sound like they can confidently handle taking on the public in far greater numbers when their time comes.”

“The music rises crushingly to a breathtaking finale leaving you wasted, empty, and thoroughly hollowed for the experience so much so that those left standing after it finishes are either lying or deaf.”

“It’s a fine example of British indie – melodic, sweeping music that deals with the heart and body.”

“A highly refined indie sound, guaranteed to root itself into your subconscious. A band to watch for the future.”

“I’m off to dig out my old Smiths t-shirt.”